Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home Builders of Fargo Moorhead: Fargo Moorhead Home Builder: Profile Brian Bochman

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Your first job was: Hanging off the roof on ropes helping on a roofing job. I think I was a “Counter Weight”
Favorite type of music: All over the musical map
Professional training: I’ve been working on building and remodeling projects with my Father since I was a small boy, and I’ve never stopped
Your favorite thing about building homes in fargo ND: The creativity of always building something new. We are constantly changing formulas to meet our customer’s desires, so it is never the same process twice.
Did you or do you have a mentor?: I was blessed with Three. My Father Harlen taught me everything I know and a few things I forgot. He is truly the Best. The other was my Father-in-law Peter Pasion. He is the man with the “entrepreneurial ?spirit” and his encouragement and help many years ago started my wife and I on this road. The most important of all is My Wife Laarni. She has been my rock and best friend, and she also happens to be the very best designer in town. So as you see I married well.
I ignite my sales by: Showing our work through home shows and models.
Favorite restaurant: Doolittles
When I cook at home I like to…: It is not a “happy occasion”, I am excellent at ?ordering Pizza though.
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when building a home in fargo: Is that the key is in the Creativity. Find a builder that embraces your creativity and the details that go with them. Because all houses are 4 walls and a roof, what makes them special is what you do to set yours apart.
Your favorite charity in fargo? and why: We support several that serve the Hungry and Homeless.
One of the things I am most proud of is that with Rainbow Custom Homes we have always used our staff and designer to create “Unique Homes” that have adapted to the style and substance of each homeowner. As well as with the professional design help we provide, the process can be a whole lot less daunting and actually a lot of fun.

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