Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home Builders of Fargo Moorhead: Profile Chad Peda

Your first job was: Leather craftsman, made it by hand and started selling it as a teenager.
Favorite type of music: Classic Rock, 70’s Rock, Country, Variety, if it has a rhythm.
Professional training: 14 years of Sales & Marketing
Your favorite thing about building homes in fargo ND: At 6 years old I nailed scrap wood together in my parents shed and now I do the same thin, just a little neater, for families and businesses in the community.
I ignite my sales by: I service my clients from the first call to every call.
Your Favorite fargo restaurant : The Neighbors Restaurant in Horace, great food and worth the drive!
When I cook at home I like to…: Create something new every time
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when building a home: Ask for what you want to have and make sure you get it…it’s your home!
Your favorite charity in fargo? and why: Big Brothers, Big Sisters make a difference for them!

I have experienced many different fields in my years of employment. For me the childhood dream became my passion, from building small wooden boxes in Dad’s shed at age 6 to challenging myself today with tearing apart a clients home to make it new to fulfill their wants and needs. It is my passion. I love what I do and strive to do it well day in day out, from new construction to remodels and additions. Whether your home or your business, I enjoy building and fulfilling your dreams. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, take care.
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